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1820 W. Lamar Alexander Pkwy
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All of our bikes come equipped with Windshields, Rain Suits, Helmets, and H-D® 15mm Super Hard Wire Cable Lock.  A valid Motorcycle Drivers License is required and we will not rent to anyone under the age of 24. There is also a $2,000.00 security deposit required when renting a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. All deposits must be made on a major credit card.  We offer Supplemental Liability Coverage, Personal Property Coverage, Loss Damage Waiver and Personal Accident Coverage (your personal insurance may not cover you in case of an accident).

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Do I have to be a H.O.G.® member to rent with Harley-Davidson® Authorized Rentals? Is this the same as the H.O.G. Fly & Ride motorcycle rental program?

No. Harley-Davidson® Authorized Rentals is a rental program open to all qualified motorcyclists. H.O.G. Fly & Ride is a different program available only to H.O.G.® members.

What bikes are available to rent?

We try to offer the most recent-model Harley-Davidson® motorcycles from each model family - Sportster®, Heritage Softail Classic®, Road King®, Ultra Classic®, Switchback, Trike, and Street Glide® models. If you have a specific preference, please call ahead to check on our current inventory - (865) 977-1669.

What does a rental include?

The use of a recent-model Harley-Davidson® motorcycle, motorcycle lock, H-D® helmet that meets D.O.T. specifications, H-D® rainsuit, short-term luggage storage and emergency roadside assistance.

Does my motorcycle or automotive insurance coverage carry over to a motorcycle rental or tour?

Not likely. Most motorcycle and automotive insurance policies do not extend coverage to motorcycle rentals. Check with your insurance agent in advance.

How long do you offer Harley-Davidson® motorcycles for rent?

You can rent for up to 29 days.

If I ride your Rental Motorcycle in a state that does not have a helmet law, why must my passenger and I wear one?

Our primary concern is your safety. Protection on the road is a good thing and it is a good idea for motorcyclists to ride responsibly. You and any passengers must sign an agreement that states you will wear a country-approved helmet at all times while on the bike for the duration of the rental, even if you're traveling in a state without mandatory helmet laws. If you don't have your own country-approved helmet, don't worry - these can be provided at the time of rental. Be aware that beanie and novelty shells are not approved and do not qualify as proper head protection.


May I use my own helmet?

Yes, but only if it is approved for the U.S. If you don't have your own approved helmet, one will be provided to you at the time of rental.